Petar Makar

Bass player, producer and audio engineer Petar Makar from Croatia is an artist with over than 10 years of professional experience. Played with Adastra, Radio Luksemburg, Eat Your Brains, Yammat, Dino Jelusić, Soul Fingers and Erna.

Petar won the 2nd place at international bass player competition “Bass Master ’10”.

In 2014 he finished SAE, received audio engineering diploma, and beside playing bass, his experience in pro-audio field includes full time job at rental company where he worked at more than 200 events, and full time job in dubbing studio where he mixed, produced and delivered more than 500 hours of audio material.


Petar Makar – CV
SAE “Build Your Own Studio” project
Bass learning method: “Modern Bass Approach”


“The creative act knows no memory, no science and no cognizance.
These things are bound to past, Creative act accepts no conditions outside itself.”

Sergiu Celibidache