Interview: Reggie Washington

We’re very proud to present you … trtrtrtrtrtrtrtrtrtrtrtrtrtr … Mr. Reggie Washinton :-). A Markbass endorser, great, great bass player and this years guest at Zagreb Guitar Show.

bassylumTV: If you had to choose one word that would describe you and your music, what would that be?

FREEDOM ! I’ll explain more later.

bassylumTV: What are your musical influences; what is your favorite record ?

I had a few influences. First & foremost it’s been my father (Charles) & my brother Kenny. EVERY DAY music was being played in my house!! Jazz, classical, gospel, R&B, latin, samba, etc. In the 60’s there was a lot of music happening !

We had a HUGE record collection (over 80,000 albums). We also had great musicians coming to our house. My brother was a gifted young drummer at the time & my father would arrange to have folks like Jimmy Owens, Reggie Workman, Dizzy Gillespie, Rudy Collins & Jimmy Knepper come to our house to sit, talk music & listen to records ! It was an experience that helped make me who/what I am today ! My brother & I were nurtured by the older musicians at the time. They saw something in us (I guess) & they instilled in us the desire to pass the knowledge on to the next generation of young players. I want to give back what was given to me. From the beginning of my professional career; I’ve been influenced by everyone I’ve played with ! For me; that’s how you grow. Folks you play with don’t have to be good for you to learn from them… but it helps if they are good!

So ; to answer that favorite record question is really difficult ! There is so much music I’ve enjoyed over the years ! If I had to pick between 2 kinds of music (good & bad), I would pick GOOD every time!

If there has to be one record that’s a favorite; I would say Sonny Rollins’ ’’Freedom Suites’’.

bassylumTV: What is the message and working philosophy behind your latest release “FREEDOM”?

In today’s music business it’s getting more & more difficult to express yourself and be true to yourself and your art. This is where the title came in. It was my “FREEDOM” to play with whom I want (Jef Lee Johnson & Gene Lake), play the music I want to play & be happy doing it as well as creating a strong CD!

It’s a great feeling to have the FREEDOM to sell & distribute our CD as we want. We want to get it in the hands of people to hold & see! We like the listener read the liner notes & listen to the ENTIRE CD (old school) and not just download the tunes they think are good. My CD tells a musical story; a moment in my life. You can purchase it at [url][/url]

bassylumTV: Favorite bass gear ? How do you get “THE SOUND” ?

I play Phifer Designs Signature basses, Markbass amps & R. Cocco Strings. This is all powered by Essential Sound Products MusicCord Pro power cords ! “The Sound” is a combination of Me & the bass. I’ve been working with luthier Woody Phifer for 30 years & we have an understanding. He’s truly a genius. My acoustic bass is an old Tyrolean flatback bass I’ve had for almost 20 years. We’re old friends.

bassylumTV: Gig you would never take?

A gig with NO musical integrity! If I continue to answer this question I may insult some friends; so I’ll leave it alone. It’s hard out there to make a living in this business of music.
You have to make choices; but I’ll always keep my musical integrity.

bassylumTV: Where do you find inspiration for your music ?

Life, my family (my wife, children, my granddaughter) world events & food. Whatever the Most High gives to me; it inspires.

What is according to you; a perfect practice routine for a bass player?

There is no one set way to practice. I try to tell my students to practice things that may happen on the gig! Scales & arpeggios are important BUT you won’t be doing that on the stage.
What are your plans for the future ? Making sure I spread my music everywhere so folks can hear & enjoy it! I plan to do more workshops to share my musical experiences with musicians young & old. Check out our website at for more info!

bassylumTV: We’re looking forward to meet you at ZagrebGuitarShow. Have you prepared something special for Zagreb audience ?

I prepare ONLY one way for everybody; a positive & enjoyable musical journey and Zagreb will get no less; a great show!

bassylumTV: You’re one of the jury members for the Guitar Show. Any suggestions for bassists that compete?

Relax & have some fun! You have plenty of time!

bassylumTV: Have you seen the entries for the BASSMASTER?

No. I haven’t seen or heard any of the entrants. I’m curious to see/hear who will “play bass”! That’s very important to me. It’s what we (bass players) do.

bassylumTV: Thank you very much Reggie, it was pleasure to chat with you.