Interview: Aram Bedrosian

Bassylum is proud to present an interview with Aram Bedrosian..

Amazing artist you should check out…if you re intrested in diffrent aproach to playin’ bass…. continue reading this….

1. Introduce yourself to Bassylum readers please?

Hello! This is Aram Bedrosian… I’m a bassist from Burlington, Vermont and I compose and perform solo pieces, perform ingroups and teach online at

2. What was the turning point of your life to start playin bass guitar?influences?

My friends wanted to start a band when I was 12 or 13 and they asked me to play bass. In High School i listened to a lot of Primus and Red Hot Chilli Peppers. As I got older my influences really branched out.

3.I gotta tell you man… your first solo album is just amazing… what can we expect from your second upcoming album?

Thank you so much. I’m hoping for a new depth in terms of melody, composition and sound. I worked very closely with Jens Ritter to develop a bass capable of doing some cool things sonically so I’m very excited to release it. It will be called “A Dark Light” and several of the tunes can already be found on Youtube.

4.What basses do you own and what s’ your favourite bass gear? secret mojo from your first album?

I use Ritter Basses, Hartke Amps, DR Strings, Jim Dunlop Effects and the Neunaber Wet Reverb Pedal. In terms of the sound of my first album…Each song was sort of different… different effects. Different recording approaches but it always came back to the sound of the bass!

5.Can you tell me little more about your teaching studio THE BASS DOJO?There are so manny instructional videos and tutors out there…What can students expect from your teaching? Anyone that heard your solo project knows its a killer.. i’ll tell you that..

Thank you again. I really tailor the lessons to the goals of the student. Because a lot of my online students find me after seeing my videos and are interested in the solo style, it’s common to go over solo bass techniques but there’s definitely a good amount of fundamentals covered. It’s very flexible.

6.What is your inspiration in making music? And how long did it take to develope your own style?

Life is my inspiration. Along with all the incredible work of other artists..there’s so much. I love giant, sweeping, epic stuff so i draw inspiration from books and films as well. I would say that I really found my voice with the first album and I believe I’ve grown a lot as a musician and player since it’s release.

7.Do you plan to visit Croatia?

I would love to! I’m not sure what my touring plans are for my second album but I would really enjoy visiting and playing in Croatia.

8.If you ever need asylum,would you go to bassylum?